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Rustic and Cozy

Rustic Mantel Decor-2

It’s time for a little home decor inspiration! Rules: sized for 18″ dolls  scene for a dollhouse have fun with color try something new Today’s scene is cozy and rustic by the fireplace. Although the pine, next to the fireplace, is bare it adds a nice wintery touch. Dominated by browns and blacks, there is a…

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Hang Doll Stockings for Christmas-Quick and Easy!

Are you putting out a stocking for your dolls this year? I have a super quick and easy way to hang doll size stockings for 1 or 20.   Hang stockings on doll furniture or display them all together as decor in your own room! This project is so versatile because we use little suction cups…

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Matching Backpacks

Matching Drawstring Backpacks from a Girl’s Shirt

My daughter is almost 3 and loves to fill little bags and backpacks for play.  It’s a menagerie of little books, dolls, and legos that are good for all sorts of fun.  It’s often in tow to the car or grandma’s house. Ever since I made the drawstring backpack for dolls I knew I wanted to…

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Project Dollhouse {part 3-prepping for fabulous}

We are on a journey to refinish a dollhouse out of a shelf .  Don’t miss Part 1-{getting started}, and Part 2 {choosing the base}. ———————————————- Roll up your sleeves we’ve got some work to do today!  I am calling part 3 prepping for fabulous!  We are prepping the dollhouse for paint and if we take care of…

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Our New Look and Some Housekeeping

Those of you that have been following along, I have another post in the Project Dollhouse Series coming soon!     ————————————- Wow, there have been a lot of changes on this little blog over the last few months!  Things have settled down a bit but I’m not done with a few behind the scene…

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Thankful for the Little Things

Thankful for the Little Things

This blog is about the little things.  It is about play.  It is about creating.  It is about spending time together.  It is about taking something and recreating it into something that tickles the imagination.  That is the spark that started this blog.  We can come together through interests and hobbies.   For me it…

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A collection of mini crafts for Thanksgiving

Mini Thanksgiving Craft Roundup

With Thanksgiving this week I am taking a little break from the dollhouse series we started last week. (If you missed it, here is part 1 and part 2).  I have part 3 ready to share later this week, but today I am shifting gears to a mini Thanksgiving.  This is for my niece and aunt…

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Choosing a shelf to make into a dollhouse

Project Dollhouse {part 2- choosing the base}

We are on a journey.  It is the transformation of a shelf into a dollhouse.  Join in the fun!  If you missed it, here is Part 1-{getting started},  and Part 3 {prepping for fabulous}*** Choosing the shelf for your dollhouse is the most important step.  It is the base or foundation for what the project will become.  Today…

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Before and after dollhouse pictures

Project Dollhouse {part 1-getting started}

As I sat down to write about the dollhouses we made I realized I have a lot to say.  I wanted to tell you how they came to be, how we picked them out, what it took to refinish them, and details about the look of the interior and exterior.  I didn’t want to just share…

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Gingerbread House -12

Make a Gingerbread House for Dolls

Last year I crafted up a storm for the holidays and didn’t have time to write about all of the projects.  I will be sharing them here and there over the next little while. Today’s project was a lot of fun to make and unlike the edible version, we can get it out every year!…

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PicMonkey Collage

Cute Decorations for Dolls

We are still in the ornament aisle today!  If you missed it yesterday I shared an easy doll chandelier made from a Christmas ornament.  Today we will take a quick look at a few other fun ornaments that you can use to decorate your doll space. Doll Size Lamps I first saw a mini lamp…

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Use a Christmas ornament to make a doll size chandelier

Use a Christmas Ornament to make a Doll Size Chandelier

There are fun things on the ornament aisle this time of year for dolls!  Today we will take a look at a project we can make from a Christmas ornament and tomorrow we will look at a few fun finds for dolls on the same aisle. I love the creative chandeliers that are popular today.  They…

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Rebeccas lunch and lace napkin

Rebecca’s Lunch Set

You Create.  You Make.  You Craft. Yes, let’s take a look at what you have been creating, making and crafting!  I love to see your projects!  To share your latest doll projects send an email to anna@doll-it-up.com.   You may be featured on Doll it Up! ————————————————————— Today I want to share reader photos from…

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9 Doll Outfits Made From Girl's Skirts

9 Quick and Easy Doll Outfits Made from Girl’s Skirts!

I started sewing girl’s skirts into doll clothes because I was looking for a quick project (like #5).  Suddenly I was not only shopping for my daughter in the toddler section but looking for skirts to alter for dolls (like #1).  Did you know that they sell skirts especially for Valentines, the 4th of July and Halloween?…

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Make a witch broom for your dolls!

Simple Little Witch Broom

It’s Halloween tomorrow!  Do you have your costume ready?  Last year I made witch costumes for the dolls.  These little witches needed fun colorful brooms to go with their costumes.  I think the broom really finished off the costume! It is made with ribbon and a dowel.  It’s really so simple and quick to make….

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Louisville kentucky

5 Fun Stops-A Victorian Stroll

There were more pictures than I thought for the 5 Fun Stops in Louisville Kentucky so I decided to split them up.  Up first is a Victorian Stroll in honor of the return of American Girl’s Samantha. Louisville boasts blocks and blocks and blocks of Victorian neighborhoods.  It makes for a lovely walk through these…

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Churchill Downs Louisville Kentucky

Off to the Races

If you love horses this stop is for you! Ivy outside of Churchill Downs where the Kentucky Derby Horse race is held. Last week I shared the doll size printable school project featuring Louisville Kentucky.  This week we will take a look at the famous horse race there, the Kentucky Derby.  I have pictures to share and…

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Doll Size School Project-printable included!

Make a School Project for Your Doll!

While traveling this summer I had the idea to combine a love for travel, learning and dolls into fun doll crafts and projects.  Ivy looking out the plane window.  Summer 2014 Today I have a doll size school project about Louisville Kentucky.  I traveled there this summer and fell in love with it!  It never…

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A Fabulous Giveaway!

We have something special for you! 27 wonderful ladies have teamed up to bring you the “Year of American Girl Doll” Wardrobe Giveaway. This collection includes clothing and accessories for all holidays and occasions in a year. Your 18″ doll will be ready for any occasion! This outstanding giveaway is brought to you by the…

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Doll Size File Folders- Printable Included!

Getting Ready for School- File Folders

With school just around the corner I have a few doll size school projects to share.  Today I have file folders. I made them to fit nicely in a backpack with other school supplies. There are 3 folders on the printable each with different tab placement.   Print it out on off-white card stock or…

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Traveling with dolls

Traveling with Dolls

Before we get started I have to mention that in a few days I will have a fun travel themed giveaway!  Stay tuned!!! ___________________________________________________________ Today is our first day back from a trip we took to Louisville Kentucky.  If you follow on Instagram you saw bits and pieces of our travels!  At the last minute…

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Make a drawstring backpack for dolls-pattern included!

A Drawstring Backpack for Dolls-Pattern Included!

My daughter came home with a drawstring backpack from her 7th grade sewing class this spring.  I knew I wanted to figure out a doll size version!  Today I want to share it with you! A drawstring backpack is the perfect size to hold a few things, it is a fun accessory, and you can…

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