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Springfield Accessory Set Giveaway

Gift Set Giveaway

Yippee it’s Friday and double yippee we have a giveaway today! Springfield sent me 2 of these fun accessory gift sets, one to review and one to giveaway to a fabulous reader! The set comes with a variety of accessories to mix and match with outfits. Accessory Gift Set Includes: glitter shoes sequin boots silver…

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Josephina Face Mold

What Josefina and Grace Have in Common

I remember browsing through an American Girl catalog a number of years ago and being a little stumped at what the differences were between the dolls.  I’d never seen one in person and from the catalog I was drawn to differences like hair and eye color. I stumbled on a post with information about face…

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Ruffle skirt from a girl's skirt-54

Adding a Doll to a Photoshoot

Last week the weather was so warm we went to the park to play and to get a few fun pictures.  My daughter recently turned 3 and I wanted to get some special pictures for the occasion.  I love to capture the different stages of my daughter as she grows. I also brought a doll…

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Ruffle skirt from a girl's skirt-40

The Easiest Ruffle Skirt

Thank you for your response to the survey yesterday!  I have loved checking out the votes as they come in and found them fun and interesting!  I am excited to keep creating and sharing with you!  I will keep the survey open for two weeks to give everyone the opportunity to vote.  Thanks again, your…

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Vote for more of your favorites on Doll it Up

Vote for More of Your Favorites!

Hello doll loving friends.  Today I am reaching out to you.  I want to hear from you! What kinds of projects and fun would you like to see more of around here at Doll It Up?  I made it easy with a simple little survey below.  You can select one or you can select several,…

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Grace and her Travel Coat from American Girl-28

Grace’s Travel Coat

When I ordered Grace I added on the Travel Coat from her collection. I love the details and the unique design. Of course I’d love to share some of those details with you! Grace’s Travel Coat- $28 Here is a look inside the coat.  The upper half and sleeves have a pink satin lining. The three buttons…

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Snow Angel

Snow Angel- Just for Fun

While many parts of the country have received pounding snowstorms, we have had a quiet winter.  A little too quiet and it shows since our snow is all melted. When there was a little snow last month I had a fun photoshoot with Saige in the Pretty Pink Coat Set. It was the first time I…

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Grace Thomas and her accessories-27

Grace’s Welcome Gifts

What do you think of Grace’s Welcome Gifts set?  Every doll from American Girl that is a Girl of the Year or a BeForever historical doll has accessories sold separately.  You may get the doll but what about the accessories?  Are they worth it? Today I’ll show you a close up look at Grace’s accessories…

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Matching shirts for girl's and dolls

Matching Glitter Shirts

For Fashion Friday today I have a spin-off of last week’s project. (It’s here if you missed it.)  Most of the time when I’m working on a project it leads to an idea for another project.  I don’t always run with the next idea but this week I did! Here are the highlights of this weeks…

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Cute and easy plates for dolls-15

Another Easy Peasy Plate for Dolls

I love quick and easy projects for dolls.  Something you can whip out and enjoy.  One project from Doll It Up that has been popular on Pinterest lately is an easy doll plate made with a canning lid and tissue paper. (The project is here if you missed it!) It is fantastically fast and easy…

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Details of a doll size oven upcycled from a mail organizer-13

Repurpose Project-A Doll Size Stove

For my daughter’s birthday a few weeks ago I decided to finish a doll size oven I started 3 years ago.  I had run into a few hurdles while making it, set it aside and it was time to finish it! This is a repurpose project.  I don’t know how helpful or interesting this will…

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Grace Thomas Girl of the Year 2015 from American Girl-63

Looking at Grace’s Hair

Yesterday we took a detailed look at Grace. (If you missed it go here.)  While I was putting together the post I realized her hair needed a spotlight all it’s own! If you enjoy this close up look at Grace’s hair today, leave a comment below.  I love your feedback!  It’s so helpful to know what…

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Grace Thomas Girl of the Year 2015 from American Girl-26

Little Details about Grace Thomas

Today we are taking a close up look at Grace Thomas.  At the end after you’ve looked at all the details be sure to leave a comment sharing what you think of Grace! I want to give you heads up, this is such a detailed post I decided to split it up into two segments….

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Make a heart shirt for American Girl dolls and other 18 inch dolls-32

Add a Sparkly Embellishment to a Doll Shirt

Despite my best intentions, Fashion Friday is up late today! It all started when I ditched what was on the schedule for today and went after a project I’ve been excited to do for a while.  Then, there was paint involved and I didn’t account for drying time.  Finally, I finished up the project tutorial yesterday…

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Pots and pans for American Girl dolls and other 18 inch dolls-8

Pots and Pans

This is the 3rd mini project for a doll kitchen I’m calling “bite size” crafts.  Don’t miss the first 2 days of fun, Frosted Sugar Cookies and Cookies Ready to Bake. —————  I made a little stove/oven for my daughter’s birthday and accessories for play to go with it.  The cookies on the baking sheet were perfect…

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Cookies on a cookie sheet for American Girl dolls and other 18 inch dolls-6

Baking Cookies

We are on day 2 of “bite sized” doll crafts.  (Here is day 1, frosted sugar cookies if you missed it.)  I hope you enjoy these little crafts that belong in a doll size kitchen! Stay tuned for one more “bite sized” craft this week!————– Let’s bake cookies! These little cookies all lined up on a cookie…

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Frosted Cookies for American Girl Dolls and other 18 inch dolls-10

Yummy Frosted Sugar Cookies

We’re in the doll kitchen this week with a few fun crafts.  Enjoy today’s little bite sized project and don’t stay away too long because I have few more “bites” to share this week!———————- I made doll size frosted sugar cookies over the weekend for my daughter’s birthday.  She has been enjoying her bakery doll set (more about…

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American Girl Mini Dolls-Comparing the old and new dolls-30

New vs Old Mini Dolls from American Girl

Today the old meets the new!  American Girl changed their mini dolls in the last year to an all vinyl body.  With the old and new dolls side by side we’ll take a look at their changes and differences. American Girl releases a mini doll for each Historical Character/BeForever doll and in more recent years for…

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Designing clothes for dolls-2

5 Tips for Designing Fantastic Doll Clothes

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for a little doll fashion!  I’m excited to have a day dedicated to fashion topics because there are so many fun ideas floating around in my head for this series.  I hope you will join me for Fashion Friday’s! ———————————————————- Get out your sketch pad and pencil we’re designing doll clothes today! When…

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Using the Accent Braid Clips from American Girl-29

Styling Tips for Braid Clips

No, this post isn’t about pink or blue or purple hair.  Yes, it’s true there is a lot of color in hair fashion today. Color has found it’s way into the doll world as well.  After all we just said goodbye to Isabelle, Girl of the Year 2014, from American Girl and her pink highlights on…

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Let's Do Lunch Set from the Our Generation line from Target-2

4 Details from a Fun Lunch Set

One company that has been offering fun, creative and detailed accessory sets for dolls is Our Generation from Target.  This line is one to keep your eye on if you are looking to add to your doll accessories because they change it up and add new accessories throughout the year and they are also very…

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American Girl Grace Thomas Girl of the Year 2015-26

A Close Up Look at Grace

I hesitated to share our opening photos of Grace because there’s already a lot out there from various bloggers.  After taking a look at my photos I decided to share them because I know that I am really hands on about everything.  I had a hard time picking out my first American Girl Doll because it was…

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