Traveling with Dolls

Before we get started I have to mention that in a few days I will have a fun travel themed giveaway!  Stay tuned!!!


Today is our first day back from a trip we took to Louisville Kentucky.  If you follow on Instagram you saw bits and pieces of our travels!  At the last minute I decided to take Ivy on the trip.

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Bringing Ivy Home

American Girl recently announced they are archiving four of their Historical Character Dolls,  Marie-Grace, Cecile, Ruthie, and Ivy.  I decided to order Ivy before she wasn’t available anymore.

Ivy an American Girl Doll

















She is a best friend doll to Julie.  These girl’s are grooving with the 70′s all the way!  Julie was my first AG doll and I have enjoyed collecting her outfits.  I had always thought I would eventually buy Ivy but with the announcement I decided to order her right away.

Ivy American Girl Doll

Let’s take a look at a few Ivy favorites!

Her almond shaped eyes.

Ivy an American Girl Doll

Her shiny black hair and blunt haircut.  Wait…this style is back in! :)

Ivy an American Girl Doll

















Ivy’s chandelier earrings.

Ivy an American Girl Doll

















And of course this groovy denim bag with 70′s all the way patches!

Ivy an American Girl Doll

















How do you feel about the four doll’s American Girl will be archiving?  Is there one you wish you could bring home?



Personalize a Mini Invitation

This little doll sized party invitation is actually a personalized label from Expressionery.  Expressionery has so many fun products from a variety of artists to personalize!  I love the playful and fun style of Laura Kelly.  Visit here to see what I mean.  When I saw these 2″ labels I thought they would be perfect mini invitations!  This invitation is already filled out by me, but you can see the tiny “You’re Invite!”, the “Date/Time:”, and “Where:”.  The label is a sticker so I added it to a piece of paper to complete the invitation.  You could also make a card and stick it on the from with a message inside.  I think making your own matching envelopes would be awesome!

Doll size party invitations

They are so fun and cute for doll play!  They are sold in sets of 80, so it got me thinking what else they might be fun for!  You could divide a sheet and give sets of 8 as a gift.  Include patterned paper and mini envelopes and this would make a fun craft gift.

Doll Sized Invitation from Expressionery


These labels are so cute in the mini size, they would be fun to use as a real mini party invitation!  We love things on the mini!

I was reminded of the many “parties” my daughter has initiated with cousins or friends over the years and I know all of her guests would be thrilled to receive a mini invitation.

I remember one such party that the mini invitations would have been a hit at!  My daughter, her cousins and grandma put this party together one afternoon a couple years ago.

A cousin tea party

















The kids decorated the frosted cake.

A tea party with cousins















The meal was simple with a few favorites.
Serving a tea party














A fun spread for all ages!

Tea Party















Yes, mini invitations would have been a darling addition to the girls party that day.

I am totally looking forward to enjoying these labels!

Invitations to a tea party with cousins















Before I go I have to throw in my favorite string of picture from that afternoon party!  Lucy who is now 2 is the baby in the pictures!

Tea party with cousins

















Make’s me smile every time!

These label’s, personalized into mini invitations, are fun for little parties, would make a fun gift and of course are just the right size for doll play!  Check out all the cute label designs here.




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