Camp Doll Diaries 2014

Do you have summer plans?  Family reunions?  Days at the pool?  We had spring break last week and that little break really turned my mind to the upcoming summer break and our summer plans.  We are going hiking, a little camping, a family reunion, plenty of water fun, whether we hit the pool or the reservoir, or the splash pad, and yes there will be a sprinkling of lazy summer days.  Lazy days for us means flexible schedules and that means a lot of impromptu activities.  One thing I love to do with my family on one of those days is to be creative together.  I keep a stash of art and craft supplies to spark our creativity.  I also keep a couple of crafts or projects in mind for those moments, projects I know we might enjoy making together.

For those who love dolls, an awesome resource for summer crafts and activities is Camp Doll Diaries.  There are weekly themes and daily inspiration for crafting and play.  You can join in on your free summer days or follow the fun daily.  Char over at Doll Diaries runs this free online camp that is open to all ages.

I am excited to be a weekly contributor at Camp Doll Diaries this summer.  Doll Diaries’ team members, Char, Karen, Laura, Brandy and I, have been planning up a storm the past few months.  I am so excited for all the doll size fun to come!    Camp Doll Diaries Bag

In anticipation of camp, the dolls needed a few summer accessories!  I made a camp bag with a cheery sun, reminiscent of the smiling sun on the 2014 camp logo that Laura Kelly created.  I made it using this tutorial.

A braided headband for dolls















Char sent a camp hoodie with the 2014 logo on it.  It is so cute on the dolls.  The logo is cheery and colorful with that smiling sun and a little rainbow on the clouds.  I had to complete the look with a bright and cheery headband.  I wrote up the headband tutorial for Doll Diaries, if you want to make one too!

Here is more camp info you might be interested in:

  • Pre-camp activities start the end of May.
  • The 2014 virtual camp runs from June 2 thru August 29th.
  • The Doll Diaries Etsy shop is open with Camp Doll Diaries iron-ons, clothing, accessories and crafts.

I hope to be spending some time with you this summer at “camp”!


No-Sew Fabric Easter Basket

I’ve had Easter baskets on the brain…doll size Easter baskets.  Last year I crafted them out of cupcake liners and had fun making them with a group of girls from church that I work with.  This year I first came up with a bucket style Easter basket that was on Doll Diaries yesterday, seriously fun and easy!  I thought I was done with Easter baskets for this year until I laid eyes on this adorable Easter fabric from Laura Kelly.  I knew I’d be making one more style of Easter baskets!  What I love about each type of basket is that they are made is such different ways!  So, depending on what you have on hand or what look you love best, there is a doll sized Easter basket for you! HA!

Make an Easter basket for dolls out of fabric

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Add a Little Fun and Color with Doll Sized Banners!

Recently I was at a little boutique in town.  Every display I turned to I wanted to gush over one thing.  It was the little lovely banners.   Ruffly banners and triangle banners, scalloped banners and lacy banners.  They weren’t the main attraction, I don’t think they were even for sale.  They were just there to add a little fun to the displays.  One banner that caught my eye was a fringe banner made out of tissue paper.  I sat down to make my own version of this adorable banner, and came up with a easy doll sized variation.

Sn Easy banner for dolls made out of cupcake wrappers

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