No-Sew Fabric Easter Basket

I’ve had Easter baskets on the brain…doll size Easter baskets.  Last year I crafted them out of cupcake liners and had fun making them with a group of girls from church that I work with.  This year I first came up with a bucket style Easter basket that was on Doll Diaries yesterday, seriously fun and easy!  I thought I was done with Easter baskets for this year until I laid eyes on this adorable Easter fabric from Laura Kelly.  I knew I’d be making one more style of Easter baskets!  What I love about each type of basket is that they are made is such different ways!  So, depending on what you have on hand or what look you love best, there is a doll sized Easter basket for you! HA!

Make an Easter basket for dolls out of fabric

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Add a Little Fun and Color with Doll Sized Banners!

Recently I was at a little boutique in town.  Every display I turned to I wanted to gush over one thing.  It was the little lovely banners.   Ruffly banners and triangle banners, scalloped banners and lacy banners.  They weren’t the main attraction, I don’t think they were even for sale.  They were just there to add a little fun to the displays.  One banner that caught my eye was a fringe banner made out of tissue paper.  I sat down to make my own version of this adorable banner, and came up with a easy doll sized variation.

Sn Easy banner for dolls made out of cupcake wrappers

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Addy’s Tin Pail

Our first American Girl dolls were from the Historical Character line.  I really love the connection to history through play and imagination.  I don’t have all of the American Girl Historical dolls but it is still fun to create scenes and play sets based on those dolls.

Today is Addy’s birthday and to celebrate I have two crafts inspired by items from Addy’s set by American Girl.

Addy's Tin Pail Lunch made from repurposed items
















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Bitty Baby Clothes on American Girl Dolls?

Today I have close ups of the dress swapping we did in the dollhouse last week.  Bitty Baby (American Girl’s 15 inch baby doll) is new to our house since my daughters birthday.  And with a new doll comes new clothes in the doll house!  I was looking at one of Bitty Babies outfits and thought of Saige.  It is the perfect color for her.  Remember, Bitty Baby is a 15 inch baby doll and as you know Saige is an 18 inch doll.   So let’s take a closer look!

This is the Cozy Play Dress on Saige.

Bitty Baby Dress on American Girl Doll

















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