Make a Hip Doll Mirror and Let’s Talk about Your Doll Space.

It is fun to create doll scenes.  With a few decorations you can create a lively and fun spot for a doll.  Today I have a simple craft  to make a doll mirror using craft mirror tiles.

A mirror tile doll decoration via Doll It Up 3

Let’s take a look at the supplies.

  • 1″ square mirror tiles (I bought mine at Joanns)
  • cardboard
  • hot glue gun
  • velcro (optional)

A mirror tile doll decoration.  via - 1

Let’s get making!  Cut the cardboard into a 5″x 5″ square.  Glue on the tiles in rows until the cardboard is covered.  To hang, use a strip of self adhesive velcro on the back.  Use the second half of the velcro strip and attach it to your dolls wall.  Since the mirror is made of glass, hang it somewhere secure that won’t tip over.

A mirror tile doll decoration.  via - 6

Where do you set up doll scenes?  Do you have a doll house or premade doll rooms?  If not, don’t let that stop you from creating a space just for your dolls!  Here are some ideas where to set up a place your doll can call home.

  • book shelf or armoire
  • next to a book shelf (use it as one of the walls)
  • in a corner of a room
  • in a large box set on it’s side
  • using foam core board cut into trifold rooms

Whatever you use, having a special doll space makes a fun place to play, store and display the doll scenes you create!

A mirror tile doll decoration.  via - 9

Then you can add little special touches like this mirror!

Just in case you are interested here are a few more details from this post.

  • Doll: My AG #25
  • Scene: Chandelier tutorial is here.  Banner tutorial is here.    
  • Outfit:  Shirt and skirt are made by Anna.  Headband tutorial is here.

Create a space for your doll and play!


Finally Here! How to Make a Shirt into a Doll Dress!

This little dress has been finished for 2 months!  This little tutorial has been slow to make it out the door!  I was working on it gung-ho when my computer died the beginning of March.  The week or so it was in the shop set me back on several projects so this little tutorial went on the back burner and it’s been nagging me to be finished since!  I’ve receive a lot of compliments and questions about this little dress.  Thank you!  You also helped me get this project off the back burner!

I like to alter clothing and fit it to dolls.  Nothing super complicated!  Lots of times with no pattern.  I am not an expert seamstress and I have no formal training in such things.  I do enjoy the challenge!  Most of all I love taking clothing that is already unique or different and making it work for dolls.  In the end, most of the time:), I get something that is far better than I could have made from start to finish.

Did I mention how fast it is?  There is more thinking it through on the front end but far fewer steps than when I sew from scratch.

So today I’ll walk you through how I made these sweet little doll dresses, each out of a shirt.  I’ll show you all the details if you want to try one for yourself.  Whether you are a beginner or are experienced at the sewing machine I think you will see how easy it is to make a shirt into a doll dress.        title

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Cute Little Doll Keys!

I came across these keys and thought they would perfect on a little doll key ring.

Scrapbook embellishment are perfect sized doll keys.  via - 5

The keys were in the scrapbook section at Joann’s and this week they are 40% off.  Yipee!

Scrapbook embellishment are perfect sized doll keys.  via - 1

The pack of 9 keys have three antique designs.  They are just fun!

Scrapbook embellishment are perfect sized doll keys.  via - 2

I thought they were begging for a key ring!  I used a jump ring and folded a tiny strip of duct tape through the ring.  Finishing it off with a self adhesive jewel, it’s ready for keys!

Scrapbook embellishment are perfect sized doll keys.  via - 3

They fit nicely in a dolls hand!

Scrapbook embellishment are perfect sized doll keys.  via - 4

Wouldn’t they be cute in the doll purse from earlier this week!