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Giveaway Winner and Thinking Big

Doll Souvenirs

Hello friends!  I am sorry I’ve been MIA around here for a while.  By day I’ve been laying on my back and by night I’ve been dreaming of running.  A pinched nerve is the culprit but I am feeling better and better each day and slowly getting back on my feet. I am anxious to get…

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American Queen Steamboat

Waterfront Fun-(Louisville, KY -Part 4)

**Don’t forget to enter to win the doll size backpack from Kentucky!  The Giveaway is open until Friday at midnight!** Welcome to a mini series featuring places to see and things to do in Louisville, KY.  There are fun pictures to experience the city and doll size activities to enjoy from home!  Whether you have…

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Grace Thomas at the Bakery-16

At the Doll Bakery

Before we get started I have to say thank you for all of the wonderful entries submitted in Friday’s giveaway!  I loved reading through all of the fun ideas for doll size adventure sets!  They were truly inspiring!  If you haven’t entered, pop on over to the giveaway here. I’ve had fun creating doll bakery…

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Doll Size Backpack

Giveaway: Doll Size Cave Exploring Set

Update: Cave Exploring Kit Giveaway Winner- Terri Silva Terri’s Comment: I would like to see a doll sewing kit with a doll sized sewing machine. I liked you on Facebook I am following you on Pinterest I signed up for your newsletter! I love the prize! Congrats Terri!  Check your email inbox! It’s Friday and it’s…

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Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave-(Louisville Fun Part 3)

Sorry for any confusion with this post.  It was published accidentally before it was ready last week, so sorry if you saw it up and then gone!   Last summer I was far from home in Louisville Kentucky and brought Ivy along.  This is a series sharing snippets of places to see and things to…

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Sewing Machine for Dolls by The Queens Treasures

Doll Sewing Machine in Action! {part 2}

This is part 2 of a review of the 1930’s American Style Sewing Machine.  Last week we took a close-up look at the fun vintage details of the set.  If you missed part 1 of the review you can find it here.   I received this sewing machine for American Girl dolls and other 18 inch dolls…

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Sewing Machine for Dolls by The Queens Treasures-14

Doll Sewing Machine-Vintage Style

Today I have a review for you.  I love to do product reviews because many wonderful products are available for American Girl dolls and other 18 inch dolls.  This is a way for me to share a hands-on experience with a product so you can take a closer look at the details and quality. For…

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Kitchen Utensils for American Girl and other 18 inch Dolls-7

Stir it Up, Spoons and Spatulas for Dolls

It’s another day in the doll kitchen!  Many of you have been following my quest to craft all things related to baking and cooking for dolls.  If you are new, this project is inspired by a doll and book series by American Girl.  The doll is the Girl of the Year 2015, Grace Thomas.  First…

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American Girl Doll Table

Make a Table for Your Doll Bakery

-I’m continuing the doll bakery inspired crafts today!  For those of you that may be new around here, it’s one of many crafts inspired by a Grace Thomas, a doll and book series by American Girl.  Although, ultimately everything around here is inspired by play and creating! –    Happy day, I was able to…

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Fun projects

Dusting Myself Off and a Few Fun Projects

It’s Friday! I pretty much failed at my blog plan this week!  I was on such a roll, posting 5 days a week the past month and I let a few little changes in my life derail me, yikes! And what about the weather this week!   Did you have crazy temperatures or snow storms…

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Flour canisters for a doll kitchen-16

Kitchen Canisters For Your AG Doll

This weekend I had time to brainstorm and start working on a few more items for the doll size kitchen.  I have several fun crafts in the works and today I am sharing a fun baking accessory! These decorative canisters hold flour, sugar, salt and any other ingredient you need. Make these canisters in your favorite color…

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Gift Set Giveaway

Springfield Accessory Set Giveaway

Updated Contest Winner- Deborah: How wonderful that Springfield sent you an extra one to give away! I LOVE all of Springfields products, but the Fitness Fun set is probably my favorite from their collections. So many great mix and match pieces. Congrats Deborah!  Check your email inbox!   Yippee it’s Friday and double yippee we…

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Josephina Face Mold

What Josefina and Grace Have in Common

I remember browsing through an American Girl catalog a number of years ago and being a little stumped at what the differences were between the dolls.  I’d never seen one in person and from the catalog I was drawn to differences like hair and eye color. I stumbled on a post with information about face…

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Ruffle skirt from a girl's skirt-54

Adding a Doll to a Photoshoot

Last week the weather was so warm we went to the park to play and to get a few fun pictures.  My daughter recently turned 3 and I wanted to get some special pictures for the occasion.  I love to capture the different stages of my daughter as she grows. I also brought a doll…

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Ruffle skirt from a girl's skirt-40

The Easiest Ruffle Skirt

Thank you for your response to the survey yesterday!  I have loved checking out the votes as they come in and found them fun and interesting!  I am excited to keep creating and sharing with you!  I will keep the survey open for two weeks to give everyone the opportunity to vote.  Thanks again, your…

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Vote for more of your favorites on Doll it Up

Vote for More of Your Favorites!

Update: Thanks for stopping by. The voting is now closed but I am always open to your comments, suggestions and ideas! I read every comment and email I receive.   Leave a comment, use the contact page here, or email me directly, anna@doll-it-up.com.  Thanks for reading and sharing what you would like to see more of…

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Grace and her Travel Coat from American Girl-28

Grace’s Travel Coat

When I ordered Grace I added on the Travel Coat from her collection. I love the details and the unique design. Of course I’d love to share some of those details with you! Grace’s Travel Coat- $28 Here is a look inside the coat.  The upper half and sleeves have a pink satin lining. The three buttons…

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Snow Angel

Snow Angel- Just for Fun

While many parts of the country have received pounding snowstorms, we have had a quiet winter.  A little too quiet and it shows since our snow is all melted. When there was a little snow last month I had a fun photoshoot with Saige in the Pretty Pink Coat Set. It was the first time I…

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Grace Thomas and her accessories-27

Grace’s Welcome Gifts

What do you think of Grace’s Welcome Gifts set?  Every doll from American Girl that is a Girl of the Year or a BeForever historical doll has accessories sold separately.  You may get the doll but what about the accessories?  Are they worth it? Today I’ll show you a close up look at Grace’s accessories…

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Matching shirts for girl's and dolls

Matching Glitter Shirts

For Fashion Friday today I have a spin-off of last week’s project. (It’s here if you missed it.)  Most of the time when I’m working on a project it leads to an idea for another project.  I don’t always run with the next idea but this week I did! Here are the highlights of this weeks…

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Cute and easy plates for dolls-15

Another Easy Peasy Plate for Dolls

I love quick and easy projects for dolls.  Something you can whip out and enjoy.  One project from Doll It Up that has been popular on Pinterest lately is an easy doll plate made with a canning lid and tissue paper. (The project is here if you missed it!) It is fantastically fast and easy…

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Details of a doll size oven upcycled from a mail organizer-13

Repurpose Project-A Doll Size Stove

For my daughter’s birthday a few weeks ago I decided to finish a doll size oven I started 3 years ago.  I had run into a few hurdles while making it, set it aside and it was time to finish it! This is a repurpose project.  I don’t know how helpful or interesting this will…

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