Sewing Pattern for Dolls


Pattern Features

Fashionable Dolman Sleeve

Carefully designed dolman sleeve adds loose fabric under the arms without bulk.

Wide Neckline

An easy to finish neckline with a fun wide fashion.  It is easy on and off over the head.

Simple Back with No Closures

Fun and realistic front and back with no bulky closures.  With the simple back it's a great shirt for layering.  Make it out of a sheer knit and layer it with a tank top.

Fitted Waistband and Sleeve Bands

To compliment the look of the loose dolman, the shirt has a wide fitted band on each sleeve and a fitted waistband.  They are easy to sew and are a nice way to finish the edges.

Designing Patterns for You

Hello and welcome!  I am so excited to share this pattern with you!  It is fun, fashionable, and an easy project, with thorough step-by-step instructions for all sewing levels.

I started this pattern journey with fashion and fit.  The dolman sleeve is a fun and popular style and I drafted and redrafted it to have a great fit on 18 inch dolls.

Loving a quick sew myself, I kept the pattern simple.  I took the guess work out of following patterns and created thorough step-by-step instructions with plenty of extra help along the way if you need it.  Let's sew with confidence together!

I have been sewing and creating patterns for our doll collection for years and it's exciting to share this pattern with you!  I have a passion for creating and encouraging others to find their creative spark.  Give this pattern a try and of course I'm happy to answer any questions you might have!  -Anna

Bonus: Sewing Guide for Knits

The Sewing Guide accompanies the Banded Dolman Shirt Instructions
and pattern.  It is full of extra help and tips to get the best results on this project.  Included is extra help picking out the fabric, a knit with a 4-way stretch.  There are tips for sewing knits.  It also includes instructions for 2 ways to cut out the knit fabric for the best results.  It will help you have a confident start!


I have to say this was the most thought out and well read pattern I have sewn with. I love that you added the sewing with knits guide and the information about the stretch. It sewed up easy and fast. It was my first time using the freezer paper method and also my first time sewing a neckline this way. I have always been a little afraid of it, and now I do not know why.

- Sherry G.

I am so happy and excited about how these shirts turned out !!! Yeeeee!! 🙂

I thought your directions were so well detailed and easy for me to follow, and I am pleased with that. I've learned much myself. I didn't even know about the freezer paper idea, and on the box it even says it can be used for quilt appliques and crafting ! Wow who knew ??!!

You taught me about the 4-way and 2-way stretch, which I never really knew about the difference. I sew but its mostly just doll t-shirt and a few sew together dresses, just started making the shorts from Pixie Faire free pattern and doll crafts. But honestly, I didn't really know much about stretch fabrics or the sewing needles to use for them, and now I'm really excited to sew more of the knit fabric.

I thought it was quite unique,  for me, about the waistband, and sleeve band, I never did that either, and it turned out really nice. I am pleased !

 I liked how you referenced back to pages, when you were talking about the something in the pattern that was ahead in the instructions...

...So yeah, I really like your pattern instruction style. Like you said it can be easily read and understood. I agree. 🙂

- Sue M.

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Sewing Pattern for Dolls